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  • Tamer Abdulghani

    Tamer Abdulghani

    Software Engineer @ Capgemini, CKAD, Cloud Native, Architecture, MCSD, Azure, Domain Driven Design

  • Interpersonal Frequency

    Interpersonal Frequency

    I.F. empowers government orgs to be relevant, accountable, responsive, and engaging to communities through data-driven technology and award winning websites.

  • Shyam Adhikari

    Shyam Adhikari

    User interface designer. Making products more human.

  • Missy Grey

    Missy Grey

  • Morgan Hendrix

    Morgan Hendrix

    Independent artist and designer. A lover of books, music, and all things art, I am a stark believer in the cultivation of authenticity.

  • I&CO


    A business invention firm. We identify new market opportunities and design best-in-class customer experiences.

  • Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Passionate about Accessibility.

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